Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Are there any side effects in consuming Supreme Organic Detox (SOD)?

A1) There are no known side effects as SUPREME is merely food that is required by our body to enable the cells in our body to perform the detoxification process. However, we have noted in some cases, healing crisis do occur.
What is meant by healing crisis is that as our body is undergoing detoxification, these toxins which have been accumulated in our body will now be passing through the elimination system and as a result, the ‘old symptoms’ of our past illnesses may re-occur. These symptoms usually do not last longer than a week. Once the toxins related to that particular problem have been removed from our body, the symptom disappears.
However, if the healing crisis is too severe and is affecting a person’s work routine, then that person can either:
· Reduce the recommended consumption by half on a daily basis until condition improves; or
· Consume every alternate day only; or
· Consume only when you are not working i.e. take a few days off from work to complete the initial part of the Detoxification Program


Q2) How long does it take before an individual can expect to lose weight by consuming SUPREME and by how much?

A2) This would depend on a case to case basis. Usually, if an individual has stubborn fats, those fats need to ‘soften’ before that individual will see any significant weight loss. This is usually the case, when an individual has been accumulating excess fats for several years. However, if these excess fats were accumulated recently, you can expect to lose weight within days.
Fats are usually formed to protect our bodies from the harmful toxins that may affect our vital organs. Therefore, once these toxins have been removed from our bodies, we will experience weight loss. Fats are also formed when we over eat but with a good Detoxification Program, these excess fats will not be able to accumulate because of the cleansing action.


 Q3) Can SUPREME Organic Detox be taken on a long term basis?

A3) Yes.


Q4) Once an individual reaches optimum body weight, will continuous consumption of SUPREME create further weight loss?

A4) No.


Q5) Is SUPREME a weight loss program?

A5) No, SUPREME is a Detoxification Program. However, once the toxins have been removed from the body, an individual who has excess fat may experience weight loss until the optimum level of that individual.

Q6) What do you mean by 'No dieting is required'?

A6) In most weight loss program, an individual is required to undergo some kind of dieting or fasting. Imagine, if an individual does not eat for an extended period of time, that individual will definitely lose weight! However, the danger is after you stop dieting or fasting, you will put on weight almost immediately and in most cases, more than before that individual started the program. This phenomenon is known as the "yo-yo" effect. This has a lot to do with the drastic change in a person’s metabolic process.
Unlike these weight loss programs, SUPREME works on the basis that once toxins are removed from the body, an individual’s excess fat will be reduced automatically.

Q7) How can an individual lose weight on a ‘fast track’ basis with SUPREME?

A7) As explained, an individual can only experience weight loss once the toxins have been removed from the body. So, if an individual desires a ‘fast track’ weight loss situation, we can recommend that individual to consume double the recommended consumption i.e. Program 1 before breakfast, Program 1 before lunch, Program 2 around 4-5pm, Program 2 before dinner. Follow this routine for the first 3 days, then resume with the recommended consumption.
Always drink a lot of water or fruit juices and avoid coffee, tea and liquor while undergoing Detoxification Program for optimum result!